Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we do not share the information you provide us.

Collection of Information

  • We collect your vital personal information when you choose to signup for an account or contact us through the contact page.
  • Our contextual or interest based advertizer(s) may use cookies to track your surfing behaviours. We have no control over the process and you must accept it while visiting our site.
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  • While uploading any information including pictures, movies and attachments onto this website, you agree that you solely own the content or that you are not violating the privacy or copyright of others. If any such violation occurs, it is your responsibility. We are, in no way, liable for that.

Content Aggregation

  • In addition to our original content in this site, we may choose to use public feeds from external content sources including but not limited to Flickr, YouTube, Google and Yahoo!.
  • If, by any chance, you or someone else has uploaded your private or copyrighted information to any of the sites or content network mentioned above, your content may appear in this site as well. We have no control over the content you yourself or someone else having access to your information has made public. If you want your content not to appear in this site, please have them removed from the respective content network.

If you still feel that your personal or copyrighted information has been compromised by us and that we are liable, please contact us so that we may try resolve it.